GFRC Contempra Planter

The Contempra FGRC series of planters is one of the most popular GFRC planters we sell. Contempra planters bring a modern sophistication to any urban landscape. It is available in three shapes and is well suited to most applications.

All GFRC are made to order. Custom sizes are available.


More Info

Contempra GFRC Planter is made from a composite material consisting of cement, fine aggregate, water, alkali-resistant glass fibers, polymer and additives which, when mixed in a scientific recipe and manufactured in a controlled environment, achieves physical properties that allow it to be used for numerous applications, especially those where weight and strength are a significant factor in the design.

GFRC products have been tested for freeze-thaw resistance under ASTM C666, and have show superior results, showing minor flaking after 300 cycles.

Flexural strength – GFRC can have a flexural strength as high as 4000 psi and it has a very high strength to weight ratio. Gfrc can be cast in thinner sections and is therefore as much as 75% lighter similar pieces cast in traditional concrete.