Color & Finish

In addition to our 13 standard colors we can match any sample color or texture. Our coloring process is comprised of an extremely high strength concrete into which we infuse light-fast, natural pigments and polymers. First each piece is sandblasted to create both a physical and a chemical bonding of the pigmented concrete finish. The hand application of this finish allows us to produce any texture we wish.

Any piece can be finished with an amazingly durable glazing sealant which functions as an anti-grafitti surface protector and, in multiple layers, a glaze finish similar to that on fired ceramic pottery. Pure acid could be poured on this glaze material and it would not touch the underlying color finish.

Orta Nova

The colors displayed on the right represent our standard range. We can also reproduce any custom color you may wish for your planters if we have a small color sample or stone fragment from which to work. Please call Urban Pot for details. There is a surcharge for custom color work.

All Lunaform products can be finished with a liquid metal coating which produces an impressively durable, naturally metalic patina. Copper, Bronze and Brass coatings contain pure ground metals in suspension. Each has a bright new finish which will darken with age. A natural weathering (blue-green) patina is also an application option. There is a 10% surcharge on Liquid Metal Colors.

The three textural finishes on the right can be selected in any standard, custom, or liquid metal color. There is a 10% surcharge on both the Plate and Salt finishes.

Any color and any surface texture can have glazing added. A single coating leaves no sheen but gives excellent protection against acid rain and ultra violet light aging of the surface finish. Each successive glazing application adds more and more sheen.
The exterior surfaces of all Lunaform garden pots require no winterization care or specific maintenance. Moss or Mold can develop over time and, if not desired, can be removed with an Algaecide or a weak bleach solution. Unlike terra cotta (clay) and some cast concrete (often called cast stone) pieces, the surfaces of Lunaform garden pots are not water absorbent and consequently do not break down during freeze – thaw cycles. The specific mix of Lunaform concrete and surface finishes assures you that Lunaform garden pots are the strongest and most durable pieces available.