Color shown: Fieldstone
Finish shown: Standard
Height: 34.5″
Interior depth:25″
Max diameter: 34″
Opening: 25″
Foot diameter: 0″
Weight:550 lbs

Note: All pieces with a high center of gravity and small foot diameter should be anchored for stability. The iron stand comes with bolt holes in the three foot-plates.


Product Information

The Ilsa is a top-shaped amphora with a very wide opening for planting. It is relatively short and broad, and sits on a custom built iron stand with two iron support rings and three pairs of curved iron legs.

The iron stand is included.

All Lunaform containers are hand built to order. Production lead time can vary from 6-12 weeks or more depending on the size of the order. All pieces are hand turned on wheels and completely steel reinforced (a process unique to us, which produces seamless pots of unparalleled strength) and are available in a wide variety of natural color and textural finishes. Each garden container is built to last and withstand the harshest of elements.